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China & other Visas
Standard 5 Business Days Service

Sincere Travel offers you a convenient China visa service by mail. The Chinese consulates do not accept mail-in visa applications at this time, our visa specialist will submit and take care of your visa application in the Chinese Consulate General in New York City in person, regardless which state you reside. Due to the frequent change of the Chinese Consulate's requirements, please call our agent at 212-594-5532 for updated required documentations and rates. We also handle Vietnam, India, Japan and other Visas,

Service Type Regular Express Same Day
Time frame

5 business days
after we receive your application

2 or 3 business days
after we receive your application

 Same day after we receive your application

Return Shipping US Postal Priority  Fedex


Standard service works the best if you have more than 2 weeks of time. Express service should be used if you have less than 2 weeks. Our visa specialist will review your documents once we received it, and contact you to make sure you are well informed about the processing schedule. 

Your required documents: (Please call our agent 800-594-5532 before sending in any document).

  • Your actual passport. It should be valid for at least 6 months and have at least one blank page titled "Visas" at the top.
  • For a single entry or double entry visa application, your first entry date to China must be within 3 months of your application date. For any multiple-entry visa applications, you may enter China any time before it expires. The term of your visa cannot exceed your passport expiration date.
  •  Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China  (Required). The Chinese Consulate does not accept any corrections (marks or white-out) made on the application form. In order to avoid any possible delays in your visa processing, we strongly suggest that you re-fill out a new application form in case you spotted any errors on your first attempt. The consulate does not accept handwritten forms, you must type all information within the PDF file. Then print and sign.
  • Supplementary Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China. This additional form is NOTrequired for those applying for tourist visa(s), but is required for work and study visas. The consulate does not accept handwritten forms, you must type all information within the PDF file. Then print and sign.

  • One 2"x2" color photo affixed on the visa application form. The consulate accepts only STANDARD color passport-type photos with both ears visible. Self-taken photos are unacceptable. No exceptions.   
  • Other required documents as specified. call 800-594-5532
  • Born in China - If you were born in China and there is no previous Chinese visa on your current passport, you are required to submit your actual previous Chinese passport. Photocopies not allowed. If your last foreign passport has a previous Chinese visa, you may send photocopy of the foreign passport main page and Chinese visa page instead of your previous Chinese passport.
  • Born In Taiwan - If you are a US Citizen born in Taiwan, you must provide a copy of your Taiwan passport OR official Taiwan ID OR birth certificate.
  • Foreign Born Chinese Child - If you apply for a visa for any of your children under 18, who are of Chinese descent born outside of China, then you must include photocopies of your child's birth certificate, your passport and your US permanent resident card (a green card copy is not needed if you submit a copy of your US passport). Please do not send your original documents.
  • Non-US Citizen - Must be US permanent resident or H-1 or L-1 visa holder with at least 6 months of validity,your permanent resident card or I-94 is required (copies are not accepted). For other visa holders, you are required to obtain your China visa in the country of your citizenship.
  • Citizens of India and Pakistan - Unfortunately, we are unable process your application. You must apply with the consulate in person.
  • Two-Year Multiple Entry - The two-year multiple entry visa is for US citizens who were born in China and their children, who were born in a foreign country (you must provide a copy of the child's birth certificate). This visa is subject to approval of the consulate, who may grant a one-year multiple entry visa instead. Since the Visa Application Form Item 2.2 does not have a selection for 2-year multiple entry, please check the box "Multi-entry valid for 12 months," then cross out "12 months," and write "Two-Year." The two-year option is only available to the residents of TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL.
  • X, Z, D or J-1 VISA HOLDER - The applicant shall go through residential formalities in the local public security department within 30 days of the entry date.

For business, work or study visa, please contact our staff for correct and updated requirements. 

Make your check or money order payable to Sincere Travel & Tours, Inc., together with the required documents after you consulate with our visa specialist.

Please send to:

38W. 32nd St. Suite 1105
New York, NY 10001

Note -we will check your documentations, but not validate your application. We cannot be responsible for any delay caused by unmet requirements or denial of visa by the consulate. WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY IF YOUR APPLICATION IS DENIED BY THE CONSULATE, after our basic service fee. Any loss or delay in mailing are subject to the rules and policies of POSTAL OFFICE and FEDEX.