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Chicago-Detroit-Washington New York 6 Days Tour-CN6
Chicago-Detroit-Washington New York 6 Days Tour-CN6


Departure Date: Thu,

Total Days:6-7 Days


Departure: Thu. (4/1 - 10/31)



Price list: 


1st & 2nd Passenger: 510   |   3rd and 4th Passenger: 350   |   Single Occupancy: 720    |   Share room : 575




8 Cities: Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Niagara Falls, Cleveland



Day 1 Chicago- Detroit


( 8:00AM Pick up location: 2206 S Wentworth Ave, Chinatown, Chicago )
Motown. The Motor City. The D. Whatever you call it, Detroit is a dynamic, diverse city with an intriguing history. It's a place of people and places, trends and events, world-changing inventions and groundbreaking music. Long known as the automobile capital of the world, Detroit is also famous for its distinctive Motown music sound from the 1960s.  A visit to Henry Ford Museum makes it hard to imagine an industry that shaped a culture as much as the auto industry shaped America’s in the 20th century.
Hotel: Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, or equivalent

Day 2 Pittsburgh-Washington


While Pittsburgh faced an economic crisis in the 1980s as regional industries waned, modern Pittsburgh is economically strong.   While the city is historically known for its steel industry, today its economy is largely based on healthcare, education, technology, robotics, and financial services. It is known for its steep hill overlooking the Pittsburgh skyline, which was rated the second most beautiful vista in America by USA Weekend and the best urban vista.  Head to Washington D.C. – one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.  While the White House remains closed to the public, feel free to take photos from its outside. Besides stepping onto Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam and Korean War Memorials, our motor coach takes you in town passing by the splendid Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial.  The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, located in the same area called national Mall as the Capitol Hill, holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world in 161,145 square feet of exhibition floor space.  Still, you surely do not want to miss the opportunity to take our exclusive cruise on Potomac River to explore some best kept secrets in town!
Hotel: holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, or equivalent

Day 3 Baltimore-Philadelphia-New York


Baltimore - the colorful, diverse town that is Maryland's largest city and economic hub, is known for its beautiful harbor.  The waterfront, surrounded with shops, restaurants and attractions that lure tourists and residents today, made Baltimore a hub for tobacco trade with England in its earliest days.  Drive north to Philly.   As the birthplace and the second capital city of this nation, Philadelphia is so historical.  Arriving in New York in the evening, you are invited to join our delicately tailored night tour for just $25 to get an initial contact with this “City that Never Sleeps” – a 3-hour tour stopping at the Rockefeller Center, the Times Square, and the skyline profile from across the Hudson River!
Hotel: Sheraton,Hilton,radisson,holiday Inn or equivalent

Day 4 New York City Tour


At first glance New York may seem too overwhelming, but our highly organized tour is designed to give you a taste of the Capital of the World, with much of the City's best in architecture, museums, history, shopping and fun!  Just a few of the highlights you are going to see with us: Wall Street and its symbolic Charging Bull, cruise on the Hudson river to take photographs with Stature of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge, panoramic view of the whole city including Central Park from the observatory deck on Empire State Building, a guided tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an exploration of the newly transformed USS Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, and taking pictures with hundreds of elites’ wax figures in Madame Tussauds’ Museum.  In addition, you may also pass by United Nations Headquarters, the Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue and the brand new Freedom Tower on your motor coach. 
Hotel: radisson,holiday Inn or equivalent

Day 5 New York-Niagara Falls


Travelling from the Southeastern corner of New York State to the Northwestern corner is a great way to realize how fantastic the Empire state is. Amazed by the deafening roar of both the American and the Horseshoe Falls, you are strolling in the State Park with the mist from both falls spraying up in your face.  Maid of the Mist takes you all the way into the water.  Catch "Niagara: Legends of Adventure," a dramatic 45-minute IMAX film on the new 45X25-foot screen.  Then you can choose either to stay in the Falls Park for self exploration until returning to the hotel or have an in-depth tour ($25/Adult) by visiting the Hydropower Station and Old Fort Niagara.  Nobody than the Native Americans know better about how strategic Niagara Falls’ location is, and the Europeans learned it in the hard way!  Come to the Old Fort Niagara, it will give you all the insights 99% tourists would never discover.  (The completeness of night view on certain summer evenings may be limited or not available due to late sunset time and US Federal Government regulations on driving hours.)
Hotel: holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, best western,Quality Inn or equivalent

Day 6 Cleveland- Chicago


Although a fiercely blue-collar ethos still endures, Cleveland is showing off its vibrant spirit with new museums, inventive restaurants and retro boutiques. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, already a city landmark, has a wealth of interactive exhibits.  If any one thing is most responsible for Cleveland's rebirth, this glass-and-porcelain pyramid is it. Designed by I. M. Pei, this temple to rock music is a high-concept, multimedia collection of exhibits, archives, and films that tell the story of rock from its bluesy roots through its post-grunge days. Fun for all ages, the museum offers the coolest collection of pop-culture memorabilia.  On July 20, 1972, three years to the day after Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon, the Armstrong Air and Space Museum opened to much fanfare. Armstrong himself was present to help open the facility and presented moon rocks brought back to Earth from the Apollo 11 mission. As space exploration has evolved, so have the exhibits at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum.  Docked next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Cleveland's East Ninth Street Pier, the Goodtime ship treats visitors to a spectacular view of Cleveland's skyline as well as a relaxing cruise.








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